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Caretel Concept

People living in an intimate community.

The human aspect of residents’ lives is as important to their health and sense of well-being as is receiving the needed care and assistance. Therefore, the environment and the manner of delivery are equally important in the overall quality of care at Caretel Inns.

Caretel was created by melding the words Care and Hotel. Our philosophy is that a residential hotel is the appropriate model for people living together to receive care and other services. In a quality residential hotel, each person has meals, housekeeping, maintenance, laundry and other supportive services offered in a gracious manner. People live in an intimate community and are amiably served while maintaining their individual space. Caretel Inns provides hotel-style health care.

The Caretel concept is part of what has made Caretel successful.

Interact with each other

There are three groups of people whose lives are intertwined at Caretel Inns; the Residents, Families, and Team Members. The design, programming and management consider the needs of these three groups who interact with each other.

The building design provides for individual “Inns” within the larger building. Each Inn has an intimate and cozy dining room built for groups of 20 residents, and its own neighborhood décor. Each Inn accommodates different care options to best meet the residents’ needs, whether it is Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, or Memory Care. There is a family entrance to each Inn and keys are provided to family members.

Enjoy our “downtown” area

Caretel Inns has its own downtown, providing a place to go for an ice cream or a movie. There is a hair salon and places to take a walk in and around a courtyard or to sit and read a book in a picturesque gazebo.

The Caretel Concept states that the atmosphere of care is as paramount in the quality of care as the care itself. Those needing assistance, whether for short-term or long-term, should and can live well. And at Caretel Inns, they will.