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Caretel Inns History

Horace D’Angelo Jr. was a passionate leader within the elderly care industry. He spent his career continuously striving to improve the industry by simply providing care as it should be provided, recognizing that the human aspects of respect, dignity and love are equally as important as the quality of care.

Horace authored many articles on his philosophy and life’s work. Below is a compilation of his words telling his story of creating the Caretel Concept.

“When I first entered the nursing home industry in the 1960s, I was amazed that nursing homes had such bad reputations despite the fact that the vast majority of the people who worked in nursing homes worked hard and were very devoted to the elderly. The reason for this inconsistency was that the living situation provided by nursing homes was unacceptable to Americans. The typical nursing home had two to four people to a room, gleaming long dull hallways, florescent lights and share toilets and showers. Essentially a clinical setting. Therefore, no amount of devotion and good care could make up for the inadequate environment in which people were required to live to receive the care they needed.

Over the years things changed. Assisted living facilities opened in the 1980s which provided the start of a much improved care atmosphere for the elderly. The competition began to push nursing homes toward reform and some improvement. Even with these improvements, clinical care continued to be the primary focus around which buildings and care programs were designed.

I determined that Caretel must be different. Caretel had to be an uplifting place for residents to live, a real home, not a clinical building. Caretel had to encourage family visits, Caretel had to be a place that the caregivers were so proud to work at, that they would brag about it to their friends.

There is so much to tell about the Caretel Concept. It took a lifetime to reach where we are and we don’t believe in slowing down. We continue to evolve. Every day we challenge ourselves to do better. Caretel people are true believers. Yes, we can make a difference! Caretel is not one thing but everything we can think of to say to our wonderful guests “This is your home. Live and enjoy it.”
Horace D'Angelo Jr.